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From Neil Graham <ne...@ca.ibm.com>
Subject Re: CVS Resolver supports XML Catalogs 1.1
Date Sun, 24 Apr 2005 21:10:08 GMT
Hi David and all,

Of the various components of xml-commons, I know Xerces-J only uses 
Resolver and XML-APIS at the moment; we don't use which, for instance.  I 
think Xalan-J only uses XML-APIS.  So it seems to me like it would make 
sense to make the components as autonomous as possible; if you only need 
XML-APIS, for instance, you should not need to carry around a NOTICES file 
about public-domain material from Arbortext.

So I'd suggest we establish separate NOTIZCES files for each of the 
subcomponents from the start.

Neil Graham
Manager, XML Parser Development
IBM Toronto Lab
Phone:  905-413-3519, T/L 969-3519
E-mail:  neilg@ca.ibm.com

David Crossley <crossley@apache.org> 
04/22/2005 11:59 PM

Michael Glavassevich/Toronto/IBM@IBMCA
Re: CVS Resolver supports XML Catalogs 1.1

Michael Glavassevich wrote:
> On the subject of the 2.0 license, I noticed in a recent commit of the 
> resolver code [1] an attribution notice was added to the bottom of the 
> license text. Shouldn't this be placed in a NOTICE file rather than the 
> source code?

That is right Michael. I had actually started writing
a response wondering the same.

There are various products at xml-commons. Should they
all share the same NOTICE file. Anyway, we will start
with one and perhaps later we can split it.

I will start a NOTICE file at the top-level and people
can add as they see fit.

Norm can you please move to that. 

See an example file at

How should this file be used? At Apache Forrest we have
only been adding to it when licensing conditions of the
supporting product require attribution.


> [1] 

> David Crossley <crossley@apache.org> wrote on 04/13/2005 11:24:39 PM:
> > Norman Walsh wrote:
> > > I don't know how often the Commons work is packaged up for release,
> > > but I'd sure appreciate feedback from others about the stability of
> > > the new code before it gets shipped off in a real release.
> > 
> > XML Commons Resolver can be shipped separately.
> > That is what we did with the 1.1 version. It can go out
> > anytime that we are ready. While a bit of testing is
> > happening, i will try to get the website updated so
> > that we can document some of the new features and fixes.
> > 
> > I just updated the old Apache License headers to be
> > Apache License 2.0 and added some missing ones.
> > It is a new requirement that all releases must be so.
> > 
> > The new resolver is working nicely for me in
> > my local version of Apache Forrest and i just
> > committed the updated jar, so we will see how our
> > other developers go with it.
> > 
> > We are not using any new features yet of course.
> > I am just saying that it works as a drop-in replacement
> > for the previous version.
> > 
> > --David
> Michael Glavassevich
> XML Parser Development
> IBM Toronto Lab
> E-mail: mrglavas@ca.ibm.com
> E-mail: mrglavas@apache.org

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