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From "Mark R. Diggory" <mdigg...@latte.harvard.edu>
Subject Re: Resolver: process for a major rewrite?
Date Wed, 06 Apr 2005 12:07:05 GMT

David Crossley wrote:
> Norman Walsh wrote:
>>Is there a process for rewrites? Suppose I spent some time working on
>>it, what would I do with the result? Just check the refactored code in
>>on top of the existing code? Put the new design in a branch? Put the
>>old design in a branch? Give it a new set of package names? What's the
>>Right Answer in xml-commons?
> I don't know because i am no Java or CVS expert.
> I would expect that the existing trunk gets branched
> and the new stuff goes on the trunk.
> --David

This is quite logical and true if the rewrite is based on the original 
code. Then you maintain the 1.0 branch for minor revisions and bugfixes 
on the existing source. Use the HEAD for your development of 2.0.

However, if its a really extreme rewrite with no clean way to merge any 
commits in the branch back into the HEAD, then branching gives you 
little return. You'd save allot of headaches just starting a new version 
in a different directory of your project.

Norman, both approaches are used here, its you decision based on how 
different you feel your rewrite is.

I don't know how many times I use resolver in a day, it seems to be in 
all the java based xml tools I use now.


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