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From David Crossley <cross...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Resolver: process for a major rewrite?
Date Wed, 06 Apr 2005 07:05:40 GMT
Norman Walsh wrote:
> The XML Catalogs spec has been revised by the OASIS Entity Resolution
> Technical Committee. We've added two new entry types. As it turns out,
> one of them was the test case I used for extensibility, so it won't
> be hard to implement the new types :-)

Hello Norm, this is good new. Thanks for updating this
useful tool.

> However, I think the whole design of the Catalog classes needs a major
> rewrite. It was my first attempt to build any sort of class library of
> even moderate complexity and I didn't know enough about Java at the
> time to do it very well.

Well it has been working beautifully for us at Apache Cocoon
and Apache Forrest.

> Is there a process for rewrites? Suppose I spent some time working on
> it, what would I do with the result? Just check the refactored code in
> on top of the existing code? Put the new design in a branch? Put the
> old design in a branch? Give it a new set of package names? What's the
> Right Answer in xml-commons?

I don't know because i am no Java or CVS expert.
I would expect that the existing trunk gets branched
and the new stuff goes on the trunk.

(It is a shame, we tried to get the CVS migrated to SVN
but there were holdups. Things would have been much easier.)

There is no need to wait until you have the code finished.
There is no release planned, so no fear of holding things up.

Because you are already a committer and you are updating
existing classes, then i presume that the code does not
need to go via Apache Incubator. Someone else will speak up
if i am wrong.

Don't forget to add the Apache License headers to the sources.

> As an ancillary question, if you know of things you'd like to see done
> differently, what are they?

No issues from my point-of-view.


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