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From steve.pos...@advansol.com
Subject Source code I would like to submit.
Date Wed, 17 Mar 2004 18:53:43 GMT

  I have some source code that I would like to release as open source,
whether it's part of this project or another.  Maybe y'all can tell me
if this is the right place.

  The code I have is a number of classes designed to make the use of XML
as easy as using a properties file.  Matter of fact on of the classes is
a subclass of Properties and lets the programmer load and save XML plus
manipulate it as if it were a properties file (using a custom or basic
XPath path notation for the String key).  Other pieces of the code are a
BTree class designed to store the parsed SAX data (I know they're
already around, but I wrote it back in '97 before there were any good
ones).  There is also a SAXDocument class and related interfaces that
abstract out the SAXTree I wrote and allow for full manipulation of the
underlying data structure.

  That said, this the right place?

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