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From Shane Curcuru <shane_curc...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Resolver 1.1 JRE compatibility
Date Thu, 08 Jan 2004 14:23:31 GMT
I presume you mean you want to use the Resolver with a JDK 1.2.2 version 
(I'm guessing Sun's?)?  I would think it should work, but haven't tested 
it.  I'll try to check resolver functionality later this week myself.

Note that as an all-volunteer organization, we don't often have a chance to 
'certify' our products, sorry.  8-)

I just wiped my old machine that had the dev environment I built the 
resolver with, but it should have been a 1.3 release (probably 1.3.1, from 
IBM, although that shouldn't matter for user purposes.)  Doesn't the 
manifest file in the resolver.jar itself say which JDK version it was built 
with?  (I'll check once I have better networking).

Unfortunately I don't have the resources to cross-test Resolver with other 
ASF projects; that's one area I'd love to see more volunteers from.  The 
best idea would be to ask specific questions on the cocoon and forrest user 
lists directly, to see how those communities use resolver.

(Thanks muchly David for responding and for reminding me to come back here!)

- Shane

---- you <Donald.Holliday@lexisnexis.com> wrote ----
>I would like to use the resolver with 1.2.2 and later.
>What does "recent" mean?  Do you know where I can find documentation for
>which versions of the JRE Cocoon and Forrest are certified against?
>Do you know where I can find documentation on which version of SDK resolver
>1.1 is compiled with and which versions of the JRE it is tested against?

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