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From "Holliday, Donald B. (LNG-CSP)" <Donald.Holli...@lexisnexis.com>
Subject RE: Resolver 1.1 JRE compatibility
Date Thu, 08 Jan 2004 15:17:01 GMT
That helps a lot.  When you work for a large company you have to answer a
lot of questions to get software added to the official suite.


Donald Holliday

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From: David Crossley [mailto:crossley@indexgeo.com.au]
Sent: Wednesday, January 07, 2004 6:49 PM
To: commons-dev@xml.apache.org
Subject: Re: Resolver 1.1 JRE compatibility

Holliday, Donald B. (LNG-CSP) wrote:
> I would like to use the resolver with 1.2.2 and later.

What is the release date of that? Sounds old.

> What does "recent" mean?  Do you know where I can find documentation for
> which versions of the JRE Cocoon and Forrest are certified against?

Cocoon made a decision a while back to only support 1.3+
but that is for other reasons, not the Resolver.

> Do you know where I can find documentation on which version of SDK
> resolver 1.1 is compiled with ...

There is no documentation about that (there should be).
I presume 1.3.1

Shane, the "release manager", might be listening and would
confirm that.

> ...and which versions of the JRE it is tested against?

No formal JDK testing is done.

Perhaps you will need to get the CVS source of xml-commons
and try building the Resolver package against 1.2 JVM? 

If some answers turn up, then we will add an FAQ about this.

Sorry that i cannot help further, Perhaps someone more familiar
with the Resolver code will answer.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: David Crossley
> Holliday, Donald B. (LNG-CSP) wrote:
> > With which versions of the JRE is Resolver 1.1 compatible?
> The Apache Cocoon and Apache Forrest projects use the
> Resolver-1.1 and ensure that it works for all recent JVMs.
> Personally i use it with Linux-Blackdown-1.4.1 and 1.3.1
> What version are you interested in?
> --David

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