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From shane_curc...@us.ibm.com
Subject Re: xml-apis.jar TCK testing and versioning?
Date Thu, 30 Oct 2003 14:56:22 GMT
Personally, I agree with Antonio: the distribution name should just be 
xml-commons-apis-1.2.01.zip or xml-commons-external-1.2.01.zip  This will 
of course include the sources and docs, etc.  (we can think about 
splitting into src/bin distros later as well; I don't think I'll have time 
for that yet).  We don't need the jaxptck in there since in theory we 
should never be shipping an official xml-apis that doesn't pass one of the 
TCKs.  But the distribution name should reflect that this is a component 
of the xml-commons project, like resolver and which.

Note that I'd really prefer the actual .jar name inside the distribution 
should always just be 'xml-apis.jar'.  If other projects want to change 
it, fine; I don't like version numbers in the .jar name itself.  We need 
to ensure that the manifest and a Version class properly are inside there 

Our, somewhat unusual, distro naming standard:
        project name: xml-
        subproject name: commons-
        component name: apis- or external-
        JAXP TCK version number: 1.2.
        our specific release number 01 (then 02, then 03, etc.)

Votes for xml-commons-apis or xml-commons-external? 

- Shane

---- "Antonio Gallardo" <antonio@apache.org> ----
> Yep. Just a question. It is really important to "print" in the name of 
> jar the "jaxptck" label?
> I could be just:
>     xml-apis-1.2.01.zip
>     xml-apis-1.2.01.tar.gz

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