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From "Antonio Gallardo" <anto...@apache.org>
Subject Re: xml-apis.jar version
Date Thu, 25 Sep 2003 21:01:39 GMT
Hi Shane:

Thanks for your answer. It note your concerns about this topic. Comments,
between lines...

> Unfortunately, we don't have specific version numbers for xml-apis.jar
> itself.  So far, I've been relying on the version number of Xalan or
> Xerces, since those are the two projects who ship this most often.  But
> we  should get in the habit of actually having a specific
> xml-commons-external-x.y release that is then picked up by other
> projects,  instead of rolling it yourself like the Xerces/Xalan folks
> have been  doing.

Yep. Totally agree. As you noted, there are some versions of the same jar:
with same name, but diferent date. It add completixity to people trying to
upgrade some of the packages that uses the same jar:

Cocoon uses: Xerces, Xalan, Ant, and others projects that uses xml-apis.jar.

Each project need to see inside, check dates and so on. This is not
rocket-science, but we are wasting our time by checking and answering the
following questions:

Can I upgrade to Xerces 2.5.0? Will it broken the other Apache Package I
use? What if there is a hidden bug that I dont see inmediately?

Well, this are trivial questions, but need need to be answered.

For this reasons I propose to mantain  just one xml-apis.jar with version,
said: xml-apis-1.0.jar, and when we need to include one of the
specification, then we change the version of the overall jar.

I see this as a better interaction between our projects. Is this correct?

> One issue is TCK compatibility, which projects that support JCP APIs
> (like  JAXP) must pass.  Thus for xml-apis.jar, we have the
> tck-jaxp-1_2_0 branch  that specifically supports this version of the
> JAXP spec; this is what  most people should be shipping from now.  In
> the future we'll need a new  branch when there's a new TCK version.
> There's debate about whether or  not we should put any effort into using
> code before TCK's are finalized we  need to nail down as well, although
> that's a slightly separate issue.

This is a good question. But how people know this is a diferent version?
Has the jar a version? I think we can start including in the MANIFEST file
into the jar the version. There will not hurt nobody and can help us to
find an easy way to check the version of the jar.

Not just on a filename that everybody can change more easily that the

> I suppose a good question to start would be: can we get a Xerces and a
> Xalan volunteer to help me make an xml-commons-external-x.y release that
>  matches the code that Xerces/Xalan each shipped in their last releases?
>  Other projects could pick this up now, and it would start the process
> of  synchronizing releases in the future.

Well, we can contact then, for sure because we are wasting resources:
Every project mainatain his own version. BTW, this is not the job of XML

Best Regards,

Antonio Gallardo

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