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From shane_curc...@us.ibm.com
Subject Re: [ANN] XInclude processor for xml-commons
Date Mon, 28 Apr 2003 18:51:15 GMT
Wow!  New work and we haven't even been advertising lately!

It certainly sounds interesting to start with; I'd like to get a sense of 
what other commons-dev watchers think before we add whole new modules.

Is this coming from existing work in the cocoon community; also are the 
cocoon folks behind this idea?

Any dependencies (I'm really hoping none other than xml-apis)?  Are you 
using the TRaX interfaces themselves, or just designing your own APIs?

My first guess is that it would go into 
xml-commons\java\src\org\apache\xml\xinclude although I could see other 
names being used.  We need to figure out where the forrestize-able docs 
should go: I'm still trying to figure how we can have both individual 
releases (with just that module's own forrestized docs) as well as a 
website auto-built (which includes both overview docs as well as 
forrestized docs from each module).

Oh, and do you have basic docs, or plans to write some docs, or do you 
need someone else to do this?

- Shane

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