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From Shane Curcuru/CAM/Lotus <shane_curc...@us.ibm.com>
Subject Re: Repository layout
Date Fri, 15 Nov 2002 11:51:20 GMT
---- Brian Smith <brian-l-smith@uiowa.edu> ----
> Right now it seems that the Resolver library is the only thing in 
> XML-Commons CVS. But, what will happen when other code gets added to 
> XML-Commons? Will all of the code get mixed together? In particular, 
> will it be easy to check out _just_ the code and documentation for a 
> particular part of XML-Commons (say Resolver) while ignoring the rest?

Actually, there are a number of other things in xml-commons, both code and 
some documentation that tries (obviously not very well yet) to explain it 

But yes, this is a result of originally structuring xml-commons as a more 
monolithic project, where you get the whole set of components together, 
and our recent de facto change in direction to be effectively a 
'container' project for several separate distributable components. Namely: 
xml-apis.jar (a big set of stuff, which is clearly separated in the 
external directory), which.jar, and resolver.jar for now.

For now, just get the xml-commons/java/. directory and not subdirs, and 
the xml-commons/java/src/ with subdirectories; there's not too much 
(extra) in there, and that should be the minimum needed to build resolver.

If someone has a magic wand that we could just wave at the repository and 
move things about at will, let me know; that would be useful.  Also if 
someone has an e-coupon for a big fat latte they can send me, please do 
so, since I *really* need it this morning.

- Shane's evil twin

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