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From Norman Walsh <...@nwalsh.com>
Subject New resolver all checked in
Date Wed, 13 Nov 2002 21:14:04 GMT
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Ok, I've checked in a whole raft of changes to the resolver code. I
don't think I've broken anything, and I have some new tests under
tests/resolver that demonstrate that my new code works (at least for
me :-)

I'd appreciate feedback from anyone who can give it a whirl.

Release notes:

   This document offers a brief summary of what has changed in the Resolver
   package since the 1.0 release. I expect it'll be updated a few times
   before the next release.

The CatalogManager Is No Longer Static

   The most pervasive change is that the CatalogManager class is no longer
   static. It's now possible to instantiate several catalog managers and each
   manager can manage several catalogs.

   There is still a single static instance of the CatalogManager, available
   via getStaticManager(). This is used by default if no other catalog
   manager is instantiated and used. It behaves as the old static one used

System Catalogs Are Always Loaded

   In the previous version, the system catalogs were not loaded if a private
   catalog was requested. That has changed; the system catalogs are now
   always loaded.

   If you want to avoid loading any system catalogs, establish your own
   CatalogManager and use the setCatalogsFiles() method to assure that no
   system catalogs are available.

Tests/Examples Available

   There are several tests in the tests/resolver directory that demonstrate
   how different instantiations can be used.

                                        Be seeing you,

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