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From Craeg Strong <vze2r...@verizon.net>
Subject Re: Resolver Library and Ant Task
Date Thu, 14 Nov 2002 05:07:12 GMT
Brian Smith wrote:

>  My XSLT task doesn't work the same was the current <style>
> task; I created it to handle a specialized set of documentation. I
> happened to use a different way (simpler) of handing catalogs), but also
> there are other small differences. For example, it uses a mapper to map
> from the source file name to the destination file name (instead of just
> changing extensions).

This is IMO a useful extension.  Would you consider making a patch
to the current Ant for this?
You could refactor the current <xslt> task to use an implicit mapper,
then include the ability to specify a mapper if desired.

> It passes some extra parameters to the stylesheet
> that give the stylesheet path information for the source/destination
> files that is helpful for my particular application.

<xslt> today supports passing arbitrary parameters to the stylesheet.
Why hardcode those into your ant task?  It seems like the default
Ant would work fine for this....

> I might also add
> the ability to do chained transformations if I ever have the need for them.

Work has been done here, check out: http://www.langdale.com.au/styler/
or other ant "external tasks" at http://jakarta.apache.org/ant/external.html

I think there is room for <xslt> to be enhanced to handle such things.
The question is: do you want the output of one transformation to be automatically
handed to another, without getting written to disk first?
That could be useful.

Of course it is your prerogative to build your own custom Ant tasks.
However, in the case where you require only minor enhancements/adjustments
to an existing task, I urge you to consider working with the Jakarta team
to make them happen in the Ant code base.
I would definately recommend that you float your ideas on the ant-dev
mailing list.   Every Ant enhancement has started out as a developer's itch
that needed to be scratched....



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