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From Craeg Strong <cstr...@arielpartners.com>
Subject [REQUEST] make resolver.jar binary available for FTP download
Date Wed, 06 Nov 2002 22:52:43 GMT

My patch to Ant for supporting external catalog files just got
committed to CVS HEAD.  It requires resolver.jar (Norm Walsh's
XML catalog resolver from xml-commons) to be in the classpath.


Today, the only way I can see of obtaining resolver.jar is
to download the source code and compile it yourself, either
from the latest shapshot or directly from CVS.

This is inconvenient, especially because xml-commons contains
so much more than the resolver sources.  Those who are unfamiliar
must poke and search around.

Can someone please compile a resolver.jar and make it available on the
FTP site?  Pretty please??  :=)

It would obviously be a good thing if this were in some way automated
and versioned...

Thanks very much,


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