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From Shane Curcuru <shane_curc...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: making TCK-compliant API's common
Date Tue, 19 Nov 2002 00:01:28 GMT
Great!  Sorry I'm so late with comments - you two are off to such a
good start, I was wondering if I had big comments!

-- BRANCH: Although originally I thought this code should go on the
HEAD, I agree with you now that it should be on the branch.  I suggest
something like tck-jaxp-1-2_0 (arbitrarily picking - to separate words
and _ to separate version numbers, and just to be slightly different
than Ilene  8-)
I don't think you can rename branches, I'd suggest you two pick
whichever versions of files are best to make a new branch off of.  Um,
be careful to be obvious what/where you create the branch from, so that
someone can build an xml-apis.jar from just the branch.  I guess this
means just the whole /external directory; we'll deal with the top-level
build.xml later (it may go away later anyways, or at least not be
important for this issue, so I don't think it's worth branching)

Side note: if we want forrestized-docs for external that will change,
we'll have to figure out where to put them - I'd tend to want to keep
them under /external. If we get advanced, we could post various
TCK-related info (at least whatever that's public-postable) as part of
the external doc set...  someday...

-- VERSIONS: yup - the best of all worlds, as long as it passes the

-- MISC FIXES: they all sound good; we should definitely try to improve
along the way (staying within the existing public APIs, of course!)

-- FALLBACKS: since this is effectively an ASF release, I believe that
we should have the hardcoded fallbacks point specifically to the
current releases of our implementations of JAXP - namely, Xerces and
Xalan.  If anyone has comments otherwise, please speak up now!

Thanks for getting organized on this.  Feel free to start as soon as
you're ready... (hee hee hee)

- Shane

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