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From Shane Curcuru <shane_curc...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: is there such a thing as a common xml-apis.jar
Date Wed, 06 Nov 2002 17:51:23 GMT
If ya wanna talk turkey about xml-apis.jar, then come over to the
commons-dev@xml list.  But general answers follow:

- xml-apis.jar should always have the full DOM/SAX/JAXP set in it.  The
specific versions of these files may change; in the near future we hope
to have one that is TCK-compatible but has implementation fixes from
the original TCK-supported versions of each.  The work to get the
sources all at appropriate versions will be happening somewhat soon in

- xml-apis.jar is a product of the xml-commons project.  xml-xalan
simply takes a version of this (plus a .tar.gz of sources) and re-ships
it along with xalan.jar/xsltc.jar, plus a single copy of
xercesImpl.jar.  Xalan will never ship xmlParserAPIs.jar.

- Neil's already talked about xmlParserAPIs.jar.  Personally, I'd
rather see us focus on the larger usability picture (and all use
xml-apis.jar) rather than the strict only-what-we-need picture, but
then again I'm not an xml-xerces committer so I'll let them do what
they will.  8-)

- IMO jaxp.jar is useful for historical purposes only, and you'd to
humanity a service if you caught it in a little glass jar and put it in
a museum every time you saw a copy of it still running around.

- Old versions of both Xerces and Xalan did indeed have 'monolithic'
jars; hopefully most everyone has updated to more modern versions.

- Remember that 3rd party vendors can and do re-ship Apache projects
with different packaging.  If you find some wierd jars in your
CommercialFooEngine, then don't ask us, ask the CommercialFoo people
what's where.  This also goes for any JDK 1.4 installs, since the JDK
vendors each have their own internal packaging of JAXP related classes
in the JDK et al; we have no control over that.

Did this help any?  <big-grin/>

I'll try to add more bits of info when I forrest-ize the xml-commons
doc set.  In my spare time - yeah.

- Shane

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 Re: is there such a thing as a common xml-apis.jar
From:     neilg@ca.ibm.com
Date:     2002-11-06 17:29:42
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Hi James,

If you download any version of Xerces2, I very much hope you *don't*
get a
file called xml-apis.jar, because we don't ship one.  :)  Our api jar

xmlParserAPIs.jar should always be a proper subset of xml-apis.jar from
similar version of Xalan.  That isn't true at the moment, but that'll
straightened out shortly.

Xerces has never shipped the transform half of JAXP.  That's because
always felt it's misleading to users--especially newbies--to ship
interfaces we neither need nor implement.  If you just want a parser,
don't need to know about the transform half of JAXP and you can happily
stick with xerces; if you need an XSLT processor, you can grab Xalan
will come with an appropriate xerces implementation and all the APIs
need.  (Does Xalan ship our xmlParserAPIs file?  I doubt they do; I
they don't.  :) )

Hope that helps,
Neil Graham
XML Parser Development
IBM Toronto Lab
Phone:  905-413-3519, T/L 969-3519
E-mail:  neilg@ca.ibm.com

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> > "James Strachan" |
> > <james_strachan@y|
> > ahoo.co.uk>      |

I've just downloaded the latest & greatest xerces and xalan and they
come with a jar called xml-apis.jar but seem to contain different bits
the XML-api set. Most notably the one with xerces doesn't come with the
part of JAXP. Is this by design or just an oversight?

Things are getting a bit confusing. We've jaxp.jars lying around the
then 2 different kinds of xml-apis.jars which may or may not contain
JAXP API to work with XSLT. (I'm not even gonna go into old xerces or
jars that have some of JAXP inside them).

Any chance we could come up with a new single JAR that always comes
SAX, DOM and all of JAXP? Maybe this could just be a new version of
xml-apis.jar; we just need to upgrade Xerces to come with the


- Shane

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