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From Shane Curcuru <shane_curc...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: JAXP 1.2
Date Mon, 16 Sep 2002 19:55:54 GMT
xml-commons is a slow-moving project that hopes to contain two kinds of
very common XML-based code: externally defined standards-based code
(i.e. DOM/SAX/JAXP) and selected Apache written bits of XML tooling
that are used internally by other xml.apache.org subprojects (as well
as being useable outside of Apache, of course!).

JAXP, at least the 'official' copies, is organized and shipped by Sun. 
I believe they happen to do it out of the Apache licensed interface
files that are stored in xml-commons, but I can't comment on
specifically which versions are which (although there are a lot of
nifty-sounding tags in there...).  Any xml-commons committer is welcome
to work on these files, although we *strongly* urge caution, since a
lot of people depend on them - plus, there are a number of external
constraints that we really need to meet, like Sun's TCK tests for JAXP

Oh, basically the external standards half of xml-commons tries to
provide all the interfaces needed, but relies on Xerces/Xalan to
provide implementations.  There are a couple of other JAXP
implementations out there from non-Apache sources as well.  Although we
may run xml-commons project builds, we don't yet have a concrete plan
to release a specific set that meets a JAXP 1.x release itself -
although I expect that Sun will do that themselves.

I can't comment on xerces2-j, but if you want to get them coordinated,
you can simply always take the most recent Xalan-J build, which will
allways contain a recent (if not the most recent) Xerces build as well
as a full set of the appropriate interfaces from xml-commons in it's
xml-apis.jar file (note that Joseph named this one incorrectly).  So
unless you have special needs, you can just take Xalan builds.

Also remember when running JDK 1.4.x, the JDK will have a back-level
embedded version of Xalan, which may be older than what you want; you
need to use the Endorsed Standards Override mechanisim to get the
proper one.

Oh, and we don't have a link from the top xml.apache.org site yet
because 1) I keep forgetting how to update the site, and 2) the commons
web presence is pretty cheap so far. (sorry!)

- Shane

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