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From Martin Stricker <shu...@gmx.de>
Subject Re: Doctypechanger tool for xml-commons
Date Wed, 27 Feb 2002 18:27:54 GMT
Jeff Turner wrote:

> So IMHO the charter needs careful changing where it deals with utility
> code, to retain the emphasis on stability and reusability, but not
> limit "reusability" to mean "reusability within xml.apache.org
> projects".
> There are many, many types of XML-related projects out there in the
> real world. Just because a utility isn't needed in the 10 or so
> projects at xml.apache.org, doesn't mean it's not a completely
> general, useful utility in it's own right. That's the crux: is
> xml-commons intended to serve xml.apache.org members when writing
> *any* XML-related code, or *only* when they're working on
> xml.apache.org projects? The former, I would hope.

Personally I would prefer xml-commons to contain only cross-project code
and a own project "xml-tools" for general-use tools not directly used in
a xml.apache.org project. But storing these tools separated from the
cross-project code is fine with me.

IIRC we had this discussion already in Dec 2001 or Jan2002 and decided
that tools of broad use can be included in the xml-commons project.

Best regards,
Martin Stricker
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