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From shane_curc...@us.ibm.com
Subject Proposed xml-commons 1.0D1 'preview' release
Date Wed, 09 Jan 2002 15:36:08 GMT
I'm hoping to put together a quick 'preview' of the xml-commons project as
an actual release, so we have a base to start discussing future commons
work and so other projects can pull a well-known and tagged set of commons

For now I'll add a simple HTML doc file and build.xml file, and the 'all'
target will produce xml-commons-1.0.D1.tar.gz which will contain a fairly
standard distro set.  This will include:

  -- the current set of externally-defined standards based code in
xml-commons/java/external, namely DOM L2 (complete), SAX 2.0 (plus minor
bugfixes), and JAXP 1.1.3 (the latest JAXP code that Edwin's been working

  -- the one xml 'utility' currently checked in, org.apache.env.Which

I'm hoping to do this in the next couple of days so we can use it in next
week's xml-xalan 2.2/2.3 releases.  I'm not necessarily trying to impose my
own standards on all future xml-commons releases; I mainly want to get at
least one release out so people can better see what it might continue to
evolve into.

I'd figure that we'd have several other 'D' (developer, or 'beta' releases
leading up to a specific point release) releases before first shipping what
we'd call a '1.0' release.  Potential other 'D' releases might be one that
just has SAX 2.0/JAXP 1.1 strict code (older code that would pass the J2EE
CTS; this would just be for convenience to have a well-known and tagged set
of these files) and another one if we can get Norm's entity resolver
checked in and building.  Oh, plus a real XML-based docset integrated with
the site, obviously!

- Shane

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