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From shane_curc...@us.ibm.com
Subject Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT]: Xerces-J 2.0.0beta4 now available
Date Tue, 18 Dec 2001 21:07:05 GMT
Two minor notes about the recent Xerces-J release:

-> Astute code watchers will note that the relatively new xmlParserAPIs.jar
that Xerces includes DOM and SAX interfaces plus only the javax.xml.parsers
package of the JAXP interfaces.  There are a number of minor differences
between the xml-commons copies of this code (which is used in both
xml-commons and xml-xalan's xml-apis.jar; also presumably used in Sun's
JAXP reference implementations although I haven't proven that) and the
Xerces0J 2.0.0beta4 copies:

  -- There are two minor code changes to the JAXP parser factory
interfaces: the Xerces copies of these explicitly list the Xerces impl
classes as the fallback implementation class names, instead of using null,
which the xml-commons copies do.

  -- There are several different DOM packages included in the Xerces copies
versus xml-commons ones; like xml-commons not having the html subpackage.
There are also a number of javadoc changes in the org.w3c.dom package
itself, although no apparent code changes.

  -- The SAX classes also have minor differences.  Xerces has a new class,
sax.helpers.NewInstance, which is basically a copy of some worker methods
from the JAXP FactoryFinders.  Javadoc is different, since the xml-commons
versions all specify '@version 2.0r2pre' and the Xerces ones are '@version
2.0'  The xml-commons' version of SAX*Exception classes has an additional
no-arg constructor, interestingly enough.  The xml-commons version of
AttributesImpl has two minor fixes to setAttributes() and ensureCapacity()
that I think were noted here:
http://nagoya.apache.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=4129  in the sax.helpers
package, each of the *Adapter classes has several code changes as well.

-> Instead of having two complete separate sets of distributions, why not
just have one distribution that has the new directory layout, and
temporarily has a spare /xerces-old-bin/ directory that has the old-style
packaged .jar files?  I like the fact that you're providing both sets of
jar packaging for user conveneince (sorry, Xalan didn't bother) but it'd be
a lot nicer to have just one set of distros instead of separate distros

Oh: while I'm here - make it 4 notes:

- Love the little fix/add graphics in bin distro docs/releases.html!

- The .jar packaging change thing: why not just have xerces.jar and
xmlParserAPIs.jar?  Sure, it's a little more correct to call it an
'...Impl.jar', but this makes users make two classpath changes instead of
just one.  Personal preference, I suppose: more precise naming or keeping
more backwards compatibility.

- Shane

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