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From Guillaume Rousse <rou...@ccr.jussieu.fr>
Subject Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT]: Xerces-J 2.0.0beta4 now available
Date Wed, 19 Dec 2001 18:22:43 GMT
Ainsi parlait shane_curcuru@us.ibm.com :
> Oh: while I'm here - make it 4 notes:
> - Love the little fix/add graphics in bin distro docs/releases.html!
> - The .jar packaging change thing: why not just have xerces.jar and
> xmlParserAPIs.jar?  Sure, it's a little more correct to call it an
> '...Impl.jar', but this makes users make two classpath changes instead of
> just one.  Personal preference, I suppose: more precise naming or keeping
> more backwards compatibility.
The 'keeping more bacward compatibility' motto result in ever increasing 
naming nightmare and ambiguities :-(

A perfect exemple: why is xml-api code from xml-commons stored into a module 
named java/external ? Apart after careful examination of classes files found 
three directories later in src/javax/xml, how can someone deduce he has found 
was he was looking for ? And if it is a distinct subproject, why doesn't it 
have a clear version tag ?
Guillaume Rousse <rousse@ccr.jussieu.fr>
GPG key http://lis.snv.jussieu.fr/~rousse/gpgkey.html

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