If you are a Marine Professional, and you...

then I would like to introduce you to www.marineliens.com, a new internet-based bulletin board allowing the posting of, and searching for, unsettled claims of liens against marine properties.  With this service, you can post valid claims of liens from your desktop in a matter of minutes.   Best of all, there is absolutely no cost to you to post a new claim.

That's right, this is a FREE Service to help your business.

Go to www.marineliens.com and register your claims today.   Don't let unsettled claims of liens sink your business.  It costs nothing but a few minutes of your time to protect your rights.

Please forward this email to anyone that you feel might need this service.  If this email does not apply to you and you'd like to avoid getting future information about marine liens, simply reply back and change the subject to: "DELETE ME".   We will remove you from our database.


Stephen West