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From Donald_Les...@lotus.com
Subject Re: Commons web site?
Date Tue, 06 Nov 2001 14:02:13 GMT

Yes, I would be happy to set up preliminary doc "shell" for xml-commons.
Until we make a general shift to another doctype (a DocBook subset it
sounds like), I I think we should use the "standard" XML project doctypes:
book, s1, faqs.
 -- Don

Shane Curcuru
11/05/2001 07:46 PM

To:   commons-dev@xml.apache.org
cc:   donald_leslie@lotus.com

Subject:  Re: Commons web site?

Yes, I've been meaning to do exactly this, but 1) not enough time, and 2) I
always take a while setting up a project because I have to get it just
right, and I want to make sure we go the XML docs route (checkin some
format .xml docs to xdocs/ and then have them built at first just into the
static HTML we'll post on the webpage)

Maybe Don, Xalan's documentation guy who has been following the threads on
general@xml a bit about documentation sets, can help out with providing a
framework for the first few pages for xml-commons?  (I.e.  if I have
skeletons, I'm more likely to whip up content to fit in them)

- Overview
- Participating/Guidelines
- DOM files - talk about where they came from, that they;re level 2, and
who we talk to about new versions or reporting bugs (i.e. to W3C)
- SAX files - etc, to sax.sourceforge.com
- JAXP files - etc., to Sun, via edwingo

- Shane
---- you "Theodore W. Leung" <twleung@sauria.com> wrote ----

We're working on shaping up the xml.apache.org website.  Right now
there's no pages for the commons project.   Is there someone who is
motivated to put something together describing what commons is all


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