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From Edwin Goei <edwi...@sun.com>
Subject Re: xml-commons JAXP FindFactory class requires JDK 1.2+ to compile?
Date Fri, 15 Jun 2001 16:53:29 GMT
Shane_Curcuru@lotus.com wrote:
> ---- you Edwin Goei <edwingo@sun.com> wrote ----
> > So who requires compilation with JDK 1.1?  What's wrong with compiling
> > with Java 2 and distributing the jar files?
> Comment the second: This is open source, remember? We want people to play
> with the code, maybe make changes, and recompile on their own.  This will
> be a surprise to those who may still be on JDK 1.1.

The code was originally developed for an internal codebase which is why
it wasn't discussed on an apache mail list.  Then it was copied to
apache as is.  Further changes to the code can be made to the apache
code as desired.

> For xml-commons, all I require is that we put a note in the docs
> (somewhere...) that says JDK 1.2 (insert specific version number here) is
> required to compile, but it will run on JDK 1.1 (SAX code to be determined
> if this is correct).

Documenting the fact that it requires Java 2 to compile but will run on
JDK 1.1 sounds like a good idea to me too.

> For xml-xalan, we do have quite a large user base, and I'm not comfortable
> requiring JDK 1.1 until we have a vote on the xalan-dev list.  So this will
> be an issue when we're ready to integrate the xml-commons 'xml-apis.jar'
> into xalan builds.
> Note of course this is a pretty minor note, since few people will be
> changing or recompiling most of the commons-kind of code, but it's still
> important.  And I definitely agree that requiring JDK 1.2 only on compiling
> is a pretty easy thing to do (much less important than runtime) - but I
> just want to make sure we inform the communities affected clearly and with
> time for feedback.  Re: J++ users: well, tough, they'll just have to deal -
> most of the time end-users should only need to recompile product code
> anyway, so...

Sounds like a good idea to me too.

> Comment the general: Thx Edwin and Costin for suggestions! I'm hoping that
> for right now Xalan can just work as-is and we don't have to do a
> workaround, since doing extra reflection work or fudging in a compat thing
> sound like they're pretty messy solutions for what should be a short-lived
> problem (i.e. until we get everyone agreeing to compile on 1.2).  The
> FindFactory class is definitely a better idea than earlier versions!

Yeah, I'm hoping that people will agree to compile on Java 2 at least. 
(I actually prefer both requiring compile and _run_ on Java 2.) 
Requiring compile and run on JDK 1.1 causes other headaches when
integrating the code into an existing Java 2 runtime that require lots
of additional coding and testing to get right.  Requiring compile on
Java 2 makes some of this easier but there is still extra code and
testing that is needed.


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