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From Audhu...@vx.stream-way.net
Subject site diagnostic-immobilier: Audhumla@diagnostic-immobilier.com
Date Sun, 12 Feb 2006 22:27:50 GMT
<B>Current Price:† </B>† 0.17<BR>
<B>Mid to Late Feb Target:†</B> † † †† 0.75<BR>
<B>Change:†</B> † +0.070† 70%<BR>
<B>Opened At:† </B>† 0.10<BR>
<B>Day Range:†</B> † 0.09 - 0.19<BR>
<B>Volume:† †</B> † † † 815,363<BR>
<B>Rating:</B> Aggressive Buy<BR>
<B>MHPT Forecast</B><BR>
Trading on the OTC Pink Sheets (MHPT:PK), this company has rocketed up 78% since its trading
debut January 9th of this year. With privacy concerns and Healthcare costs at the forefront
of todayís headlines, MHPT tests positive for continued price appreciation! This stock could
very easily double or triple from its current levels, or better, especially if itís home HIV
test is approved by the FDA this year.<BR>
<B>MHPT Tests Positive for Helping Americans Keep their Personal Information Private</B><BR>
Medical records are among the most personal information about an individual. Yet, Americans
have greater privacy protections over the records of <I>video rentals</I> than
over their medical records.<BR>
If you have visited a doctor\'s office, hospital or pharmacy over the past few months, you
may have received a notice telling you that your medical records may be turned over to the
government for law enforcement or intelligence purposes. More often than not, these notices
contain ominous language, such as:<BR>
\"National Security and Intelligence Activities Or Protective Services. We may disclose your
health information to authorized federal officials who are conducting national security and
intelligence activities or providing protective services to the President or other important
These notices have further raised the growing public concern over the privacy of medical records
and made it plain that the recent \"Medical Privacy\" rules - enacted under the Health Insurance
Portability and Accounting Act of 1996 (HIPAA) - offer patients far less protection than the
Federal Government promises. In fact, The HIPAA rules provide a wide variety of circumstances
under which medical information can be disclosed without explicitly requiring a court order
or warrant! This means that your information may very well be partially shared or completely
disclosed without your ever even knowing <BR>
<B>FDA mulls over OTC HIV tests</B><BR>
One way people are taking back their privacy is by utilizing medical home test kits, diagnostic
devices and other medical items over the Internet. These products are used in the convenience
and privacy of the home or business to detect drug and alcohol abuse, to measure glucose and
cholesterol levels, to detect selected diseases and to measure hormone and mineral levels;
also DNA home test kits are available for testing paternity.<BR>
While some companies only specialize in home pregnancy or diabetes, one impressive company
does it all. Medical Home Products, (MHPT.PK) The company, is an International resale provider
of over 200 self-test medical kits sold through its e-commerce sites and direct sales affiliates.
Medical Home Products differentiates itself in the 2.8+ Billion Dollar U.S. self-test kit
market by selling a comprehensive line of cross selection medical products for diabetes, cholesterol,
DNA, fertility, HIV, mineral levels, pregnancy, prostate, thyroid, drug and alcohol testing.
Medical Home Products operates a direct sales and virtual network to the worldwide home medical
market, organized clinics and drug rehab facilities. The public has embraced this industry
for allowing them to test for private and often embarrassing health issues, those better left
between doctor and patient.<BR>
There is no company in this sector that is as potentially explosive, and within mere days
this issue could well yield the investor triple or quadruple their investment... making it
completely unique amongst issues of this genre.<BR>
</FONT><FONT  COLOR=#000000 BACK=#ffffff style=\'BACKGROUND-COLOR: #ffffff SIZE=1\'
PTSIZE=8 FAMILY=SANSSERIF FACE=Arial LANG=1>Statements that are contained in this press
reIease that are not necessariIy based upon any specific current or historical fact and are
forward-Iooking in nature. Such forward-Iooking statements reflect the current views of management
with respect to future events and are subject to certain risks, uncertainties, and assumptions.
Should one or more of these risks or uncertainties materiaIize or should underIying assumptions
prove incorrect, actual results may vary materially from those described herein as anticipated,
believed, expected, or described pursuant to similar expressions.</FONT><FONT  COLOR=#000000

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