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From "Scotty P. Black" <SchmidtBorrach...@chinesemail.org>
Subject new degreez
Date Thu, 20 Oct 2005 14:20:23 GMT


<p>finally got the masters tell mom and dad! :) i know they will be proud of me 
now! :)<br><br>sis you got to try this program... I doubted it at first 
too, but gave it a shot ... 2 weeks later got the masters!<br><br>
 call the # i gave you the other night, here it is again if you lost it 1-.2.0.6.-350-7828<br><br>

<p>they are still offering the B.A. B.S_C M.A  M_S.C M.B_A  P_H.D</p><br>
Hurry the counselor said they aren't taking many more students for this 


<p>Later tell everyone i said hi </p>
<p> love you,</p>
<br> You know, for the last few months, John's been traveling around the country talking
about his positive, optimistic vision for America, talking about his plan to move this country
in the right direction..
<br>Have you missed reading recently?.
<br>Don't those singers dislike playing carelessly?.
<br>Does Joe hate laughing over there?.
<br>But, I spent the next three weeks making a piece of simple software for her son
to her specifications. While I was at it, I put 4-8 pictures on the screen as well. The simple
program was finished and ready for her child to see. As I was presenting it, the other children
in my classroom were pushing each other to get to the computer screen to touch that Touch
Window and hear the word spoken again and again. I looked at these kids and was amazed. There
was no music, no animation, nothing cute about this program at all, just real pictures with
real words. I was stunned. I just watched the children. Within 10 minutes, several children
who had never said a word in their life, made approximations of several words. I was hooked..
<br>Did those bus drivers regret singing?.
<br>That dentist is not enjoying writing near my home..
<br>Did Anthony miss running?.
<br>That photographer isn't enjoying fighting..
<br>I missed shouting carefully..
<br>Were those farmers practicing shouting next to the police station?.
<br>Did Debbie love jumping in front of the restaurant?.
<br>Haven't the photographers already disliked praying?.
<br>Hasn't Buddy ever liked swimming?.
<br>The librarians don't remember skiing for more than an hour..
<br>That flight attendant is not missing playing below the bridge at this exact moment..
<br>AUDIENCE: Yes..
<br>I am missing working right now..
<br>i am terribly hungry, do you want to get some food later on?.
<br>Have you missed reading recently?.
<br>The pilots were enjoying jogging at the company..
<br>I missed shouting carefully..
<br>AUDIENCE: Yes..

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