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From "N.Ganesh" <N.Gan...@macmillan-india.co.in>
Subject namespace in processing instruction (PI)
Date Fri, 10 Aug 2007 11:39:46 GMT

Hai All,

The subject line itself is looking strange?? 

I am using validator.pl with --full_schema option provided with the Xerces 2.7 version samples.
I can able to parse xml file against a XSD without any problem. 

My client wants a namespace to be added to the processing instructions. I doubt that this
is not allowed as per XML specifications. But my client wants, I need to provide this.

<?g:CLG.MDFC ID="C000001M001000" IDREF="O000001M001000"?>

The parser is showing an error "Colons are not allowed in this name when namespaces are enabled".
When I put 0 against the namespace  the parser is not showing even valid errors. 

I also tried adding $parser->setFeature("$XML::Xercesc::XMLUni_fgSAX2CoreNameSpacePrefixes",
0); this feature. But in vain. 

Can anybody tell me how can I achieve the above task.

N. Ganesh Babu
Macmillan India Limited

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