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From "Paul Harper" <pa...@ncube.com>
Subject Question on using ENTITY's in attribute values when creating DOM elements
Date Tue, 30 Nov 2004 23:11:35 GMT

I'm using Xercesp 2.3.0-1 and am creating a DOMDocument with the following
code (similar to some of the sample code in the distribution):

    $impl = XML::Xerces::DOMImplementationRegistry::getDOMImplementation('LS');
    $dt   = $impl->createDocumentType($PrimaryTagName, '', $DTDURL);
    $doc  = $impl->createDocument('', $PrimaryTagName, $dt);

This has been working well, but when I added an ENTITY to my DTD that I wanted to
use in an attribute value created with code, I hit a snag.  The ENTITY is:

<!ENTITY ver "1.0">

and I wanted to be able to set an attribute as:

    $v = $doc->createElement("VersionElem");
    $v->setAttribute('version' , '&ver;');

What this produced when serialized was:

  <VersionElem version="&amp;ver;"/>

Not what I had hoped for.

I believe that I found the root of the problem in the documentation on the createDocumentType

    'Entity declarations and notations are not made available. Entity reference
    expansions and default attribute additions do not occur. It is expected 
    that a future version of the DOM will provide a way for populating a 

The documentation for Xerces 2.6 reads the same way.

So, is there another way to insert ENTITY references in attribute values or am I stuck until
XercesC is updated?

Thanks in advance,

Paul Harper

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