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From Dirk-Willem van Gulik <di...@webweaving.org>
Subject xerces-P: CVS, Release process and oversight
Date Wed, 29 Oct 2003 15:09:17 GMT


We need help from this community (xerces-p-dev) to make sure that this
project is still within the fold (and protection) of the ASF. Though we
may be easy going at first - ultimately all ASF projects must adhere to a
few things which allow the PMC and the board to have some level of
oversight - and which meet our legal requirements.

Now the things I am perhaps missing in xerces-P are

->	Release Process and Peer review

		At the very least there should be something
		of a peer review and a +1 vote to ensure
		that all code which goes into CVS is reviewed
		by your peers - and that there is some
		sort of a trail of this.

In short - check out http://xml.apache.org/guidelines.html (Communication
and Decision Making) and the mission statement. The later also has some
very useful suggestions about posting links to CVS, bugtraqing, release
schedules and so on.

I realize that some of this may not seem to be befitting a a code base
which is this small -and essentially manageable by a single person. But
ultimately it is our aim to ensure that projects are healthy beyond the
lives of even a single developer. And the key asset of the ASF is to
preserve that element of community and peer review.

So please give this some thought. If needed feel free to ask for help - in
the most extreme case we have a whole group of people who do exactly this
in the incubator (helping groups get started) - but also bear in mind that
this is not an optional thing - ultimately the board is going to question
the PMC's oversight - and we'll need to do something. A quick look in the
real world around us does show that attending to the legalities of reality
is crucial.


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