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From Steve Mathias <smath...@unm.edu>
Subject Re: Similar make test error
Date Sat, 11 Oct 2003 15:35:18 GMT
>>>>> "Jason" == Jason E Stewart <jason@openinformatics.com> writes:

Jason> Steve Mathias <smathias@unm.edu> writes:
>> I am getting similar errors on 'make test' to what was reported
>> earlier by Kai.  For me, every single test fails with the message:
>> Can't load
>> '/usr/local/src/perl/XML-Xerces-2.3.0-1/blib/arch/auto/XML/Xerces/Xerces.so'
>> for module XML::Xerces:
>> /usr/local/src/perl/XML-Xerces-2.3.0-1/blib/arch/auto/XML/Xerces/Xerces.so:
>> undefined symbol: isAnySlash__Q211xercesc_2_316XMLPlatformUtilsUs at
>> /usr/local/lib/perl5/5.6.1/i686-linux/DynaLoader.pm line 206.  at
>> /usr/local/src/perl/XML-Xerces-2.3.0-1/blib/lib/XML/Xerces.pm line 7
>> I'm using xerces-c version 2_3_0 which I built myself with gcc
>> version 2.96 (I've tried a couple of the samples and they run fine)
>> and xerces-p version 2.3.0-1.

Jason> I don't have gcc-2.96 to test this on, but I don't think the gcc
Jason> version is the issue here.

Jason> I'm assuming that you've tried to run DOMCount or some other
Jason> Xerces-C application just to ensure the libxerces.so is working
Jason> fine?

Yes, all the xerces-c sample programs run fine.

Jason> If so then please grep the library symbols using the commands I
Jason> sent to Kai, and lets see what's happenging there.

Here's what I get:

# nm -C /usr/local/xerces-c-src_2_3_0/lib/libxerces-c.so | grep -i isanyslash 

# nm -C
# /usr/local/src/perl/XML-Xerces-2.3.0-1/blib/arch/auto/XML/Xerces/Xerces.so
# | grep -i isanyslash
0005de34 T _wrap_XMLPlatformUtils_isAnySlash
         U xercesc_2_3::XMLPlatformUtils::isAnySlash(unsigned short)

So, I guess the error message is correct in reporting that the symbol is
undefined.  I'm in a little over my head with all this compiler/linking
stuff though.  How can I fix this? 

Jason> Cheers, jas.

Jason> PS. It's funny that your from UNM. Up until three months ago I
Jason> lived at San Pedro and Zuni in sunny ABQ - but then I moved to
Jason> India!

Yeah, I knew you had moved, but didn't realize how far!

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 )   Office of Biocomputing                         )  s m a t h i a s   )
(    University of New Mexico School of Medicine   (   @ p o b l a n o  (
 )   MSC08 4560                                     )  . h e a l t h .   )
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 )   Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001                     )                    )

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