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From "Jason E. Stewart" <ja...@openinformatics.com>
Subject Re: Can,t install XML::Xerces
Date Mon, 14 Apr 2003 16:15:28 GMT
"Davenport Todd S GS-12 96 CG/SCTOA" <Todd.Davenport@eglin.af.mil> writes:

> This is the exact error message that I got when I first tried to install
> Xerces-P on Red Hat 7.x and 8.

Ok, thanks for that piece of info.

> >From what I researched, there are two "simple" solutions.  One is to use
> SWIG instead of the Makefiles.  If you know how to use SWIG, great, this is
> a piece of cake since the configuration files you need already exist.
> However, if you're like me, you've never used SWIG before.  The kludge-, er,
> I mean solution I came up with is the following.  Note that version numbers
> are VERY important.

Yes, Maybe I can call this out in the README better? Almost every
release of Xerces-C is incompatible with previous releases, and so
each release of XML::Xerces is numbered to match the corresponding
release of Xerces-C that it has been built with.

If you're lucky and you're using a newer version of Xerces-C than I
have built a release for (like 2.2 say), just re-running SWIG using
the existing interface file may create a workable version of
XML::Xerces, and it may not.

> 5. autoconf

This shouldn't be necessary, do they suggest you do this?

> 9. Installs libxerces-c.so.20.0 to /usr/local/lib.  You must cd to this dir
> and
>    ln -s libxerces-c.so.20.0 libxerces-c.so
>    ln -s libxerces-c.so.20.0 libxerces-c.so.20

Hmm.. don't they create the symlinks for you? That should get filed as
a bug report.

> Hope this helps.

Thanks Todd. With Google around archiving the WWW for us, it's great
to have summaries like this.


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