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From "Jason E. Stewart" <ja...@openinformatics.com>
Subject Re: Problems, Compiling xerces-p 2.0.0-3
Date Sat, 19 Apr 2003 23:48:51 GMT
jshoberg@attbi.com writes:

> System:
> Redhat 9.0, Perl 5.8, GCC 3.2.2
> I tried following the instructions at:
> http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=xerces-p-dev&m=105032344330047&w=2
> Apparently xerces-c 2.0.0 installed fine.  Is there any way verify this?  Some 
> of the archived post made mention of gmake not completing the install. Any tips 
> or tricks involved here?
> perl Makefile.PL workes no problem
> when I go to make xerces-p I get an error ...
> I am trying to use xerces-c 2.0.0 and xerces-p 2.0.0-3
> In file included from PerlContentCallbackHandler.hpp:4,
>                  from PerlContentCallbackHandler.cpp:2:
> PerlCallbackHandler.hpp:51:8: warning: extra tokens at end of #endif 
> directive
> In file included from PerlContentCallbackHandler.cpp:2:
> PerlContentCallbackHandler.hpp:10: base class `ContentHandler' has
> incomplete type
> PerlContentCallbackHandler.hpp:24: parse error before `&'
> PerlContentCallbackHandler.hpp:37: parse error before `*'
> PerlContentCallbackHandler.cpp:37: parse error before `&'
> PerlContentCallbackHandler.cpp: In method `void
> PerlContentCallbackHandler::startElement (...)':
> PerlContentCallbackHandler.cpp:51: `XMLString' undeclared (first use 
> this function)

This is the same error reported by other RedHat users. Following the
advice in the email has worked before, I'm not sure what happened to
you. I don't manage any RedHat machines so it's not easy for me to
help (although there are some at SourceForge I could test on I

If you want to test your install of Xerces-C cd into the samples/
directory and do a runConfigure there and then make. Try out one of
the programs like DOMCount to see if it can find the library.


PS. Or switch to debian and run 'apt-get install libxerces21'

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