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From ja...@openinformatics.com (Jason E. Stewart)
Subject Re: Xerces.pm
Date Mon, 06 May 2002 20:24:51 GMT
Hi Pam,

In the future, you can address questions directly to the dev list.

"Pamela.Ray@jpl.nasa.gov" <pamela.ray@jpl.nasa.gov> writes:

>     I have been trying to get this to build for a couple of weeks.

Hmm.. Sorry it's taken that long.

>     I built the development version of swig 1.3.12  ie., downloaded from
> cvs.

This should not be necessary at all. SWIG would only be of use to you
if you intended to modify the source source code.

>     I built the xerces-c1_7_0 version of the Xerces C++ XML Parser
>     I set the following prior to the build
> setenv SWIG /dsw/swig-1.3.12dev/bin/swig
>  setenv XERCES_INCLUDE /dsw/xerces-c1_7_0/include
> setenv XERCES_LIB /dsw/xerces-c1_7_0/lib
>  setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH /dsw/xerces-c1_7_0/lib:${LD_LIBRARY_PATH}
>  perl Makefile.PL
> Then I had to edit the top level Makefile and the Makefile in the
> Handler.
> It set my CC variable to "cc" instead of "CC"  - I am using the forte
> 6.2 compiler.
> gmake
> it completed without error

That's nice at least

> gmake test
> every test fails with core dumps.  -- I tried this with perl 5.6.0 and
> perl 5.7.3
> I am trying on solaris 7 and 8.
> I built a bunch of perl modules with each version, however not all
> tested to 100%, and if the test failure was low enough I installed them
> anyway.

Perl modules that use C++ are always a pain. The first culprit I would
look for is whether your installed versions of perl were built with
the same compiler you are using. Other than that you may want to send
a backtrace of the segfault.


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