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From ja...@openinformatics.com (Jason E. Stewart)
Subject Re: DynaLoader problem...
Date Tue, 07 May 2002 05:39:44 GMT
"Michael Grabenstein" <michael.grabenstein@isinet.com> writes:

>     It seems to load Xerces.so, but it relies on my libstdc++.so.3
>     that is installed in  a lib directory under my home directory. (of
>     which LD_LIBRARY_PATH is pointing to.) I built perl with that
>     library in $Config{'libpth'}...

Seems bound for trouble ...

I would install them in a standard system location, maybe
/usr/local/lib if you don't want to overwrite your current versions. 

>     But this is what I get:
> Can't load
> '~/enWeb//lib/perl5/site_perl/5.6.1/sun4-solaris/auto/XML/Xerces/Xerces.so'
> for module XML::Xerces: ld.so.1: ~/bin/perl: fatal: libstdc++.so.3:
> open failed: No such file or directory at
> ~/enWeb//lib/perl5/5.6.1/sun4-solaris/DynaLoader.pm line 206.
>     And libxerces-c.so is also in the same lib directory ~/enWeb/lib...
>     I am going to try rebuilding Perl with out the double slashes in
>     the paths... But the dl_library_path of DynaLoader did not have
>     them...

The double slashes are not your problem. That DynaLoader.pm line 206
error message just means that that was the last line of perl code
executed before Perl started calling your C library (you can read the
comment right above that line in DynaLoader.pm). It's finding
Xerces.so just fine, it's not finding libstdc++.so.3 


it's not finding a library that libstdc++.so.3 depends on.


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