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From Michael Grabenstein <michael.grabenst...@isinet.com>
Subject Re: xerces-perl
Date Wed, 08 May 2002 19:11:56 GMT
	To use the Xerces lib, unless you copy it to /usr/lib in order to 
use it you must set LD_LIBRARY_PATH. So the next question is how much 
are you going to use it ? If not that frequently and you don't mind 
setting it every time then just set it in the shell.

	If you plan to use this library (Xerces) a lot and do not want to 
have to remember to set it every time then you will probably want to set 
it in your shell's startup script (.profile for sh/ksh, .bash_profile 
for bsh, .cshrc for csh, etc...)

	How to set it depends on what shell you are running (echo 
$SHELL)... For ksh:
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/path/to/Xerces

	The above appends the path to Xerces to the end of your 

On Wednesday, May 8, 2002, at 03:05 PM, Sunil Mehta wrote:

> This might seem silly....but do I just set it in the shell or is there 
> a specific file I should be changing this in?
> Thanx for replying,
> Sunil
>> Subject: Re: ["Sunil Mehta" <smehta@uhnres.utoronto.ca>] question 
>> regarding Xerces-perl
>> Date: Wed, 8 May 2002 14:44:29 -0400
>> From: "Michael Grabenstein" <michael.grabenstein@isinet.com>
>> Reply-To: xerces-p-dev@xml.apache.org
>> To: xerces-p-dev@xml.apache.org
>> If Jason did not already answer this... You need to set 
>> LD_LIBRARY_PATH to include the lib directory for the 
>> xerces-c1_7_0_SolforCC.
>> Also if you don't have Sun's Forte C compiler you can remove the 
>> binary distribution and start building it yourself...
>> Later,
>> Mike
>> On Wednesday, May 8, 2002, at 02:08 PM, Jason E. Stewart wrote:
>>      From: "Sunil Mehta" <smehta@uhnres.utoronto.ca>
>>      Date: Wed May 08, 2002 12:30:48 PM US/Eastern
>>      To: jason@openinformatics.com
>>      Subject: question regarding Xerces-perl
>>      Reply-To: Sunil Mehta <smehta@uhnres.utoronto.ca>
>>      Hi Mr. Stewart,
>>      I've been trying for some time now (2 days) to install Xerces on 
>> my solaris
>>      system.
>>      First off, you should know the following:
>>      1) sorry for bugging you this way, but there was no 
>> Xerces-Perl-users
>>      mailing list...
>>      2) I am not installing as root
>>      3) I have Xerces-c1_7_0_SolforCC already installed in a personal
>>      directory (/users/smehta/MAGE/xerces-c1_7_0_SolforCC/)
>>      So..the problem is that I keep getting a variety of error 
>> messages.
>>      Firstly, when i use "set $XERCESBLAH blah" to the correct lib and 
>> include paths
>>      in the XercesC install I repeatedly get the errors to the effect 
>> that they have
>>      not been set.
>>      I modified the Makefile.PL to assign the correct values to the 
>> variables so that
>>      problem has been averted. The problem now is that I keep getting 
>> the following
>>      error:
>>      Note (probably harmless): No library found for -lxerces-c1_7_0
>>      I KNOW that my lib and include paths are correct:
>>      $XERCES_INCLUDE = "/users/smehta/MAGE/xerces-
>> c1_7_0_SolForCC/include";
>>      $XERCES_LIB = "/users/smehta/MAGE/xerces-c1_7_0_SolForCC/lib";
>>      Do you have any idea why I keep getting this error?
>>      (also of note is that the "die" message that should accompany 
>> this error doesn't
>>      appear. I only noticed it while browsing through the Makefile.PL)
>>      Thank you for any help you can provide.
>> <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>
>>      Sunil Mehta
>>      Analyst
>>      Research Informatics
>>      University Health Network
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	Michael Grabenstein
	RIS, Philadelphia PA
	Opinions expressed are solely mine
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