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From Michael Grabenstein <michael.grabenst...@isinet.com>
Subject Re: solaris: Can't load 'blib/..../Xerces.so' Help
Date Thu, 02 May 2002 23:22:52 GMT
    Finally figured this one out, thanks to Robert Schiele from the 
xerces-c-dev list... (Thanks to Jason too, got me going down the right 
path. :-)

    Basically my Xerces-c parser was not built properly.

    Reason was the gcc I was trying to use was not built properly from 
the start. Then when I tried to build a new gcc I created another 

    I have only two failures now on make test, but that is my next 
e-mail... :-)

    Attached below is what I sent to the xerces-c-dev list.


   Basically I had two problems:
1)    The gcc I was trying to build with was not built with 
--enable-shared (because with v2.95.2 it was not the default)
2)    The ldflags did not have the correct order of library directories 
to include via -L...

   Now my conditions brought about the second error. The condition that 
prompted it was that in order for me to test this quickly I built the 
latest gcc (v3.0.4) in my home directory and installed its libraries in 
a non-standard location. Now I knew this, but I thought I only had to 
fix up my LD_LIBRARY_PATH to make things right.

   Rebuilding gcc was the solution for problem #1...

   The configure script had placed ldflags (ALLLIBS in Makefile.incl) of 
-L/usr/local/lib which Robert Schiele pointed out to me will over ride 
anything I specify in my LD_LIBRARY_PATH on Solaris. The reason the 
order was important for me was the fact that the old poorly built gcc 
from problem #1 was not being replaced. And at link time the libstdc++.a 
that was built for gcc v2.95.2 was being linked in and not my new v3.0.4 
version. This lead to all my undefined symbol references from my 
original e-mail (ld: fatal: Symbol referencing errors).

   There are probably more elegant ways to fix problem #2, but what I 
did was edit the Makefile.incl and inserted a -L/path/to/gccv3.0.4/lib 
into the ALLLIBS variable for where I had installed gcc v3.0.4's 
libraries were.

   Rebuilding after applying these two things.... I have a working copy 
of the Xerces-c parser.

   Hope someone else finds this useful...

Take care,

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