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From "Pieper, Aaron" <Piep...@Pragmatics.com>
Subject Re: Xerces builds - Why don't they include line number attributes?
Date Thu, 07 Apr 2011 16:27:10 GMT
I was trying to figure out why certain XML validation operations had
gotten slower, so I was digging into Xerces' source when I noticed it
didn't have line number attributes. I was directed to the previous
discussion at http://markmail.org/thread/qkbaup5dzjrx5ffj which
indicates that the decision was made to omit these attributes, in order
to reduce jar file size. This makes sense, although it's curious that no
other apache projects (such as such as Spring or CXF ) have taken a
similar direction, despite having much larger JAR files.


I don't mind checking out and build the debug versions of the Xerces
libraries myself, and indeed I've already done so. But maybe for future
releases, it would make sense to make these "debug jars" available as
separate resources on the download page, for easier access? Or maybe it
makes sense to make the "debug jars" as the default ones, and to have
the smaller "non debug" jars available as separate resources? 




- Aaron


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