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From Stanimir Stamenkov <sta...@myrealbox.com>
Subject Re: XMLSerializer Writer Constructor
Date Mon, 25 Jul 2005 07:35:18 GMT
/Stephen Kestle/:

> Of course it is because Characters should not need to specify encoding, 
> but xml IS NOT a character stream - it's an encoded character stream 
> [...]

Don't want to spam the list but: XML _is_ a character stream. The 
byte encoded representation is for transport means as most data in 
the computer world is stored as sequences of bytes. Your sentence 
seems to me like: "DOM is not an object, it is an 'encoded' XML stream".

> Please stop the madness - just deprecate it and write a nice javadoc 
> explaining why.  You'll probably end up saving 1000s of developer hours 
> on that change alone.

You know, I've thought of that many times too, but what if I need to 
write to a character buffer and not a byte one? I think it is just 
problem of the less experienced developers which doesn't realize 
what actually happens when encoding text to a byte stream and in 
particular serializing XML.


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