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From Stephen Kestle <Stephen.Kes...@orionhealth.com>
Subject XMLSerializer Writer Constructor
Date Mon, 25 Jul 2005 04:56:03 GMT
When is this going to be deprecated?  It is criminal to take a format 
and only use it to create the header, leaving the user to ensure that 
the character stream is at some point encoded to the correct unicode 
format before something actually tries to parse it. 

Of course it is because Characters should not need to specify encoding, 
but xml IS NOT a character stream - it's an encoded character stream [ie 
bytes], and so should not be able to be represented as chars, except 
where the users want to mangle it for their old code that was built 
around convenience because this constructor was available.

Please stop the madness - just deprecate it and write a nice javadoc 
explaining why.  You'll probably end up saving 1000s of developer hours 
on that change alone.


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