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From Corbett.Klem...@trilogy.com
Subject compatibility / difference between xml-api.jar and xmlParserAPIs.jar
Date Tue, 05 Nov 2002 21:29:23 GMT
Forwarding for a friend who seems to have issues getting stuff out onto 
the list...


Hello -

I just downloaded the latest release of Xalan (v2.4.1) and Xerces (2.2.0) 
- however, I'm a bit confused.

Both distributions include the xml apis, however there are some subtle 
differences between the two - for one, the jarfile itself is named 

Here is a report from BeyondCompare on the differences between the two 

Note that there are orphans (i.e. files which exist in only one jar) in 
both jars.

The reason I am trying to resolve this discrepancy is that we are going to 
have both Xerces and Xalan in our classpath, so I need to know which 
version of the xml apis to use, and why there is such a discrepancy 
between these two releases (as I understood it, Xalan 2.4.1 explicitly 
supported Xerces 2.2.0).

Karl Brown (karl.brown@trilogy.com)

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