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From Eddie Robertsson <eroberts...@allette.com.au>
Subject Re: Schema key and unique contraints VERY slow
Date Fri, 15 Nov 2002 03:05:20 GMT
Hi Eric,

Eric_Schwarzenbach@Classwell.com wrote:

>Xerces2 (I'm using the freshly downloaded 2.0.2) seems to be hideously slow
I'm not sure if the code has changed in the speeding up the performance 
but you'd probably want to update to the latest version of Xerces which 
is 2.2.1 [1]


[1] http://xml.apache.org/dist/xerces-j/

>valdiating xs:unique and xs:key constraints. Painfully slow on a human
>scale not simply a processor scale...a large document of mine that
>specifies a unique id attribute on each element of a certain kind (where we
>are talking 10,000 of these elements in a document of about 4 Meg ) goes
>from taking a few seconds to validate without these constraints to several
>minutes with them. This happens with both SAX and DOM parsing.
>I expect there to be some processing cost to using this feature but this is
>fairly ridiculous...doing similar checking in my own java code which is
>using the parser takes nowhere nearly as long (in fact building indexes on
>the entire document along with it takes nowhere nearly as long). Something
>would seem to be seriously amiss, unless I'm out to lunch with regard to my
>An example of my usage is something like:
>            <xs:unique name="makeElemUnique">
>                  <xs:selector xpath=".//myns:elem"/>
>                  <xs:field xpath="@id"/>
>            </xs:unique>
>This is defined within the scope of the root element which can (will)
>contain many of these elems at many different levels.
>Should I file this as a bug?
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