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From "Brad O'Hearne" <cabo...@megapathdsl.net>
Subject How to create a validating SAXParser?
Date Fri, 09 Feb 2001 01:48:17 GMT
Hello all,

Got an easy question for you.  In SAX2, I want to manipulate the features
and properties of the parser that I create (like making an instance of a
SAXParser a validating parser).  Is there anywhere that I can find a global
listing of all of the supported features and/or properties that the
SAXParser recognizes?  I read in the API docs the following:

"XMLReaders are not required to recognize setting any specific property
names, though a core set is provided with SAX2."

Where can I find this core set?

(Actually, my question is really how to set my parser to validating mode,
but I am also curious about the other options I can manipulate in the

Thanks in advance.


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