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From Michael Glavassevich <mrgla...@ca.ibm.com>
Subject Re: Xerces-J Plan for 2010
Date Wed, 19 May 2010 21:24:29 GMT

Hi Khaled,

Had good intentions of releasing 2.10.0 last year but then became very busy
with other things. There were a few more JIRAs I was hoping to get to, but
agree it's been too long since we've had a release and should probably just
stop where we are now and make that available as Xerces-J 2.10.0. If we
freeze the code soon and start to focus on documentation, testing and the
other odds and ends needed for a release I think May 31st is doable.

By the way, thanks for fixing that old regex bug (XERCESJ-589). It had 14
votes against it from users and was the most popular issue in Xerces JIRA
until today.


Michael Glavassevich
XML Parser Development
IBM Toronto Lab
E-mail: mrglavas@ca.ibm.com
E-mail: mrglavas@apache.org

Khaled Noaman <knoaman@ca.ibm.com> wrote on 05/19/2010 02:04:39 PM:

> Hi all,
> It's been a while (over 2 years) since we had a release of Xerces-J.
> As Michael mentioned in October of last year [1], we have made
> significant progress in many areas, including adding support for XML
> Schema 1.1 (list of supported features [2]).
> I think we should have 2 releases this year for Xerces-J: 2.10.0 on
> May 31 which would contain the up to date changes, and 2.11.0 on
> November 26 which would contain more XML Schema 1.1 features such as
> xs:override and type subsumption (new complex type restriction
> rules) + bug fixes.
> What do folks think?
> Khaled
> [1] http://markmail.org/thread/wjvplpmevpex7qoz
> [2] http://markmail.org/thread/7gryseh6sjvwv22h
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