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From Hiranya Jayathilaka <hiranya...@gmail.com>
Subject Changing the CTA API to Support Arbitrary Inputs
Date Tue, 11 Aug 2009 04:11:50 GMT
Hi Devs,

The XML schema 1.1 conditional type assignment (CTA) API we currently have
restricts passing additional information to the test expression evaluator.
We can only pass the attributes information as of now. In an offlist
discussion, Khaled pointed out the benefits we can gain by changing the
current API to support passing of arbitrary data (for example through a map)
so that we don't have to change the API everytime when a requirement comes
up to pass a new data item to the XPath evaluator. FYI with Mukul working on
inheritable attributes feature such a requirement has already shown up :)

So what do you think about changing the existing API to accept a map of
objects instead of a fixed number of arguments? Changing the Test class
which is the high level entry point to XPath evaluator is easy. Should we
also change the low level classes which are responsible for processing the
actual XPath?


Hiranya Jayathilaka
Software Engineer;
WSO2 Inc.;  http://wso2.org
E-mail: hiranya@wso2.com;  Mobile: +94 77 633 3491
Blog: http://techfeast-hiranya.blogspot.com

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