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From Matt Benson <gudnabr...@yahoo.com>
Subject JAXP license
Date Fri, 04 Jan 2008 17:40:06 GMT
Hi Xerces guys-
  I have attempted to do some homework by searching
the archives, asking around, etc. and what I seem to
find is that the licensing approach used by Xerces-J
is to depend on the APIs published by XML Commons
(which it appears was voted in 2006 to move to
Xerces?).  These APIs are of course ASL licensed.  I
am trying to run down precisely what requirements must
be met to implement parts of these APIs in an Apache
project, specifically the JXPath subproject of the
Apache (formerly Jakarta) Commons.  Is there any
difference between the source and/or binary
representation of the JAXP APIs as published by XML
Commons vs. the underlying ideas expressed
therein?--as best I understand it there is no
hindrance to implementing these APIs despite the fact
that they were originally developed at Sun.  Is this
simply by virtue of Sun's having donated the sources
of the APIs to Apache XML, or does any further
documentation exist that expressly states that the
APIs can be freely implemented?

Next, I have found statements to the effect that it a
component must pass the JAXP TCK in order to claim to
be "an implementation."  Is this indeed the case?  I
have it on authority that there is no such thing as
partial TCK certification; does this group concur that
a "partial implementation" (e.g. of XPath only) will
never pass the TCK?  Is it possible to distribute a
library as "non-certified", "non-compliant", or
similar?  I'd also appreciate information on getting
access to the ASF's JAXP TCK so that, even if Commons
JXPath can never be certified and thus officially
compliant, the portions it does implement can be
verified to be as good as possible.  Another
possibility might be for a "full" JAXP implementation
to fall back to e.g. Xerces for other than XPath
functionality.  I think this ought to be considered


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