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From Mark Goodhand <m...@goodhand.ca>
Subject Making Xerces DOM thread-safe for read
Date Sat, 08 Dec 2007 17:32:33 GMT

I understand that DOM provides no thread safety guarantees, and that  
the current Xerces implementation is not thread safe.  I've seen the  
issue come up on the lists a few times over the past couple of  
years.  As future hardware improvements are likely to come in the  
form of more cores rather than higher clock speeds, and with XML  
documents getting larger, I expect user requests for thread-safety  
(at least for unchanging documents) will only increase.

As I understand it, it is performance-improving caches that prevent  
Xerces DOM from being thread-safe (for read).  If true, this is  
ironic, considering the massive performance benefits that could come  
from parallel processing of documents.

Is the current stance a matter of principle (you don't believe the  
Xerces DOM should ever be made thread-safe for read) or a practical  
constraint due to limited resources (you'd like the Xerces DOM to be  
thread-safe, but other issues/enhancements have higher priority)?



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