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From Claus Wahlers <cl...@codeazur.com.br>
Subject Xerces-AS3 port
Date Wed, 18 Apr 2007 21:20:12 GMT
Hi list,

i just recently subscribed to this list and am unsure if this is the 
right place for my post. Please disregard and/or send me to the right 
person/list in case it's not, thanks.

I am in progress of porting Xerces-J 2.9 to Actionscript 3 (AS3). AS3 is 
an EcmaScript 4 implementation, currently used in Adobe Flash Player 9. 
The AS3-VM was recently opensourced by Adobe and officially released as 
Mozilla project under the codename "Tamarin" [1].

The port is work in progress and far from being complete (so far, DOM3 
Core is about 75% done), but if you like you can already take a peek at 
the sources [2].

I am the technical lead of the DENG Modular XML Browser project [3] 
which is targeted at Flash Player 6 and written in the very ES3-like 
Actionscript 1 dialect. I am currently rearchitecting DENG to target the 
Flash Player 9 VM to take advantage of the much faster new VM (amongst 
other reasons). I found Xerces-J to be very lightweight and easy to port 
to AS3 so i picked it to serve as the core engine. The Flash Player 
already provides two separate APIs for parsing XML (a DOM-like but very 
limited API, and E4X) but both are not extensible and do not provide 
functionality needed for DENG (such as DOM Events etc).

I would like to know if what i'm doing is generally ok with you, and if 
it would be feasible in mid term (or at all) to add the port as an 
'official' Xerces project (Xerces-AS3?). I haven't got the slightest 
idea what the formal steps would be, so pointers in the right direction 
would be highly apprechiated.


[1] http://www.mozilla.org/projects/tamarin/
[2] http://svn.codeazur.com.br/deng/classes/deng/dom/
[3] http://deng.com.br/

claus wahlers
cĂ´deazur brasil

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