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From Anders Kristensen <akristen...@dynamicsoft.com>
Subject programmatically resolving namespaces to local schemas
Date Fri, 25 Apr 2003 00:54:49 GMT
With DTD's one can use an entity resolver to map a public or system ID 
of a DOCTYPE declaration to a local resource so as to avoid re-fetching 
the DTD from a remote location whenever parsing an XML doc conforming to 
that DTD.

I've been unsuccessfully trying to figure out how to achieve the same 
thing with schemas in Xerces2 Java 2.3.0. That is, I have docs that 
conform to one or more schemas whose location are well-known http URLs 
and I want to include those xsd's in my own software distro and use the 
local version as opposed to the net-version when parsing the XML 
instances.  It's not just a question of speed; some environments are 
closed off from the Internet and some do not have DNS access.

I guess this must be supported but I was unable to find any mention of 
it in any docs.

Any help is very much appreciated.


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