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From Stef Epardaud <s...@lunatech.com>
Subject Bug: infinite recursion with wrong ENTITY declaration
Date Thu, 03 Apr 2003 15:04:57 GMT

Attached is an XML document that will trigger an infinite recursion in
Xerces2 if parsed. This is without stopping at fatal errors, but it
seems it cannot recover properly enough to parse the rest of the
document. I have found a patch to avoid the infinite recursion, but I'm
not happy with it because it would be better to recover from the error
after the incorrect ENTITY declaration, to allow to find more errors.
As an aside, I found that there was no message declaration for the
I am ready to send my patch but would prefer a little help or guidance
in recovering better in XMLDTDScannerImpl.scanEntityDecl()
Or is it normal that any fatalError is unrecoverable and any attempt to
go further may let xerces2 loop forever ?

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