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From Paul Levin <ple...@bii.com>
Subject Re: Xerces useful for translation ?
Date Thu, 03 Feb 2000 16:08:41 GMT
it sounds like you want to translate one XML to another XML.  That is the
job of XSLT, of which Xalan if one available implementation.  (Xalan is made
by Apache, same as Xerces).
    Paul Levin

Theo Kurz wrote:

> Hello
> We have the idea to use XML to combine application data (e.g. a message
> block in SWIFT format) with additional header data that are used for IPC
> between two processes of a payment application.
> Can you recommend us to use Xerces for this translation step, i.e.
> convert a message block to an XML document consisting of: mark-up tags,
> header fields plus the original message (as one message block) ?
> As we understand, Xerces is made for XML parsing, but is it also useful
> for XML generation ?
> Thanks in advance for your answer.
> Kind regards,
> Theo Kurz

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