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From Roeland Douma <u...@rullzer.com>
Subject Upgrade from xerces-c-2.8 to xerces-c-3.0: script tag stopped working
Date Fri, 30 Sep 2011 08:24:09 GMT

I recently started working on a project that uses the xerces-c 2.8 
library. I figured it might not be the worst idea to upgrade to a newer 
version :)
Everything compiles just fine (after some minor modifications) but when 
running the program things go wrong.

The program works with "yml" files. Which are just xml :)
This is such an example.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<network xmlns="http://sesamesim.sourceforge.net/YML" 
name="application" class="KPN">
   <property name="library" value="libsimple.so"/>
   <node name="A" class="CPP_Process">
     <property name="class" value="A"/>
     <property name="pos" value="24.975,17.700"/>
     <property name="header" value="A.h"/>
     <property name="source" value="A.cpp"/>
     <port name="out0" dir="out">
       <property name="type" value="int"/>
       <property name="pos" value="22.025,0.300"/>
     <property name="arg" value="10"/>
   <node name="B" class="CPP_Process">
     <property name="class" value="B"/>
     <property name="pos" value="112.500,17.700"/>
     <property name="header" value="B.h"/>
     <property name="source" value="B.cpp"/>
     <port name="in0" dir="in">
       <property name="type" value="int"/>
       <property name="pos" value="-22.500,0.300"/>
       if (!(defined $min_threshold)) {$min_threshold = 0;}
       if (!(defined $max_threshold)) {$max_threshold = 2;}
       printf "\n";
       printf "Control parameters: min_threshold=$min_threshold,\n";
       printf " max_threshold=$max_threshold\n";
     <property name="arg" value="$min_threshold"/>
     <property name="arg" value="$max_threshold"/>
   <link innode="A" inport="out0" outnode="B" outport="in0">
     <property name="pos" value=""/>

Now the problem is that the script is not executed. And as a result 
$min_threshold and $max_threshold are not available.
When compiling with xerces-c 2.8 everything does work.

Is there anybody here that might know why this stoped working in 
xerces-3.0.0? Or if there is an extra flag I need to set somewhere?

Thanks in advance,

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